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American Wagyu Filet Roast




Cut from beef tenderloin, the filet mignon roast is the most tender roast. Offered here in American Wagyu, also known as American Kobe, which offers exceptional marbling for tenderness and flavor. Simply roast whole and slice neatly to serve.

Our American Wagyu is produced by family farms throughout the US and of supreme grade. It is hormone-free, antibiotic-free, and raised on a 100% vegetarian diet. The cattle is grass-fed then grain-finished for a minimum 400 days to ensure proper marbling. Note, filet mignon is never dry-aged, as it is unnecessary due to it’s lean and already tender nature.

– Whole filet roast has an average weight of 5.5 lbs. Serves 10-12 adults depending on appetites.

– Half filet roast has an average weight of 3 lbs. Serves 6 adults depending on appetites.

– Supreme Grade American Wagyu

– Boneless

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