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Flannery Seafood

For over 20 years, Bryan’s sister company, Flannery Seafood, has imported fresh sushi-grade fish from around the world while also unloading local boats directly at our San Francisco dock. Relied on by some of the best restaurants in the country, we hand select only the best seafood for our customers.

Sushi-grade quality

We only sell #1 grade fish. Thanks to our ability to directly import and unload boats, our seafood’s freshness in unparalleled. 

Wild caught

Line-caught by our network of family fisherman in California, Australia, New Zealand, Hawaii, Tahiti, and beyond.

fresh never frozen

Flown in fresh from around the world, or collected direct from our dock, you will taste the difference.

Our relationships with the best fisherman around the world allow Bryan’s customers unparalleled access to the freshest, most pristine seafood. 

Try it for yourself.

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