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Trout Roe

French Import


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Imported from France, Noir’s trout roe comes from rainbow trout and exudes a bring tang, a bit of smokiness, and a firm pop. Beads are medium sized and a deep orange color.

Previously working for France’s leading caviar houses, Noir’s founder set out to create a new luxury caviar brand that met their own high standards of quality as well as aesthetic beauty. Quality caviar must have a bright glossy color, fresh, mild smell, uniformly sized eggs, and lightly salty flavor. Noir caviar meets all of those criteria. To ensure their goal, Noir’s caviar is sourced from only the best sturgeon farms and every shipment is graded as it arrives to ensure that only the best makes it into the Noir Caviar line.

– Sold as one container of 80 grams

– Imported from France


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